Power Mom&Baby

Powerhouse Cph Power Mom&Baby bootcamps fall 2018.

Powerhouse 9 weeks Reformer Pilates camp is for you who have recently received a baby and who want to prioritize yourself and your body without compromising spending time with your baby.
The exercise will primarily take place on the Reformer, which provides the most optimal framework for strengthening your body gently after birth. And it’s our goal to create a calm, safe environment for you and your baby so you have plenty of time to see and talk to your baby while training.

PowerMOM&Baby 9 weeks
Wednesday kl. 10.45-12.15 – begins 24. October

Wednesday kl. 11.30-13.00 – begins 24. October
Friday kl. 11.30-13.00 – begins 26. October

Price 1.125,- DKK

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Christina Stender Hansen


Frida Lehman


Ninna Rosendahl Madsen


Rikke Holm-Nielsen