Personal Training

Do you want more out of your goals? Then personal training may be for you?

At Powerhouse Cph, we specialize in giving the best possible personal training, for everybody who want a lifestyle change. We are passionate about helping people to reach their physical goals – but the mental development is just as important. We want to help our clients to be their own experts. We want to create a persistent motivation that comes from within. Vores team of coaches are well educated and have many years of experience. Therefore we are able to help different clients with different wants and needs. Do you want to loose weight, or do you want to grow your muscles and get stronger? Do you want to smooth and athletic? Or do you simply want more energy a healthier liftestyle and the feeling of being healthy and strong? At Powerhouse we can help you with all the above mentioned – whether you are very experienced or completely inexperienced?

At Powerhouse we first of all focus on the personal approach in personal training. A personal coach is not just somebody you meet in the gym a few times during the week. A personal coach is a person that supports you to meet your goal and plan your workout based on your life, your assumptions and your needs. A personal coach is a person you always can contact and who constantly follow your personal development.

Please contact us, if you are interested in personal training