PowerBoost Camp – Club La Santa

Go with Team Powerhouse to Club La Santa and get a boost of energy, joy and training motivation.

Have you ever tried an active holiday? If not, we can only recommend you to try it?

The combination of sports and relaxation under the sun’s rays, along with delicious food and maybe a glass of wine in the evening, will fill your batteries in a very special way, which can not be described but need to be tested by yourself. You can join alone or take the whole family with and everyone can participate regardless of level.

At PowerBoost Camp, Team Powerhouse will inspire you, motivate you, make you sweat, relax, challenge yourself to try a lot of different sports and exercise concepts and, most importantly, make you laugh.

PowerBoost Camp is a 7 day active holiday in the sun at Club La Santa on Lanzarote. We have put together an inspiring program with lots of varied activities and training every day. 4 experienced and competent instructors will teach you everything from TRX suspension training, Reform / Pilates, Dance, Barrefusion, Soma Move Mobility Training, Bodyflow, Ariel / Yoga, Burn & Build, Mindfulness and additionally there will be biking, mountain biking, kayaking, stand up paddleboard / SUP, Paddleboard Tennis, Running and Aqua training as well as inspirational lectures.

You get additional free access to Club La Santas more than 40 fitness facilities, but you can also relax in the sun by the pool.

There is the possibility to live in Club La Santas architectural luxury suites with sea views and a terrace, but you can of course choose the apartment category you want.

If you travel alone, but want to live with someone else, this can be arranged.

Included in the price are airplane, apartment, participant fee and Goodiebag value approx. DKK 1,000, – with T-shirt, bag and various other exciting products.

We look forward to seeing you at Club La Santa this fall.

You can choose to stay in either Club La Santa Comfort 1, Comfort 2, 2, Suite 1 with Sea View, Suite 2, Suit or in our Comfort 1 apartments.

You can book your trip by calling Club La Santa on 76 50 04 00 or by sending an email to michael@clublasanta.dk

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Remember to name more people in the same order, remember the name, phone number, address and email of all participants.

If you are traveling alone but want to live with someone else, Club La Santa can arrange this for you. You then pay the price for 2 people in a Comfort 1 apartment.


Comfort 1:

3 adults: DKK 8,695, –
2 adults: NOK 9,995, –
1 adult: DKK 13,995, –

Comfort 2:

6 adults: DKK 8,395, –
5 adults: DKK 8,895, –
4 adults: NOK 9,595, –
3 adults: DKK 10,795, –
2 adults: DKK 13,195, –

Suite 1 Seaview:

3 adults: DKK 10,495, –
2 adults: kr. 12,695,
v. 1 adult: DKK 19,395, –

09.00-10.00PowerBoostReformerBurn&BuildMountainbiketur (09.00 - 12.00)PowerBoostMini Tri (09.00-11.00)
11.00-12.00BodyflowDance & Let GoEffekt PilatesHappy DanceBodyflow
13.00-14.00Aeriel Yoga
16.00-17.00Welcome ( 16.30 )ReformerTRXPaddle Tennis TurnementFinal Class
18.00-19.00Social Juicebar
18.30-20.00Lecture Sally WalkerLecture Jan Svensson
19.00Group Dinner Group Dinner
21.00-22.00MindfullnessStretch & Relax


Tor Andersen

Tor Andersen has over 20 years moved around within the fitness industry’s many branches. Tor has taken numerous courses in group exercise and fitness and has extensive experience in teaching and the development of training programs on many different levels, and the training of instruktrors. Tor is co-owner of PowerHouse Cph where Reformer, TRX, Pilates and SOMA Move is the base. Moreover, Tor is Nordic Master Trainer for Les Mills training concepts – BODY PUMP, BODY STEP, CXWORKS, BODY FLOW.

Tor attaches great importance to safe and functional training and is known for his gentle and pleasant manner and is thus of any participant to feel safe during exercise.

Jan Svensson

Jan is also co-owner of Power House Cph and has over 20 years has been in the fitness industry and also teaches many different types of training. Including most types of dance, Pilates, Barre Fusion, SOMA Move, functional muscle training and endurance training. Jan has over the years been involved in several different fitness chains and dance schools such. SATS Sports Club, Fitnessdk, Swingtime Dance Schools and Stepz Dance Studio. Jan has also created numerous courses for schools, sports teacher, DGI and taught Conventions, bachelor parties, and also to include appeared on various shows, etc.

Jan is known for his presence, energy and his good humor and can usually get everyone to throw away inhibitions and especially control.

Arlette Bentzen

Is known for her infectious enthusiasm, good mood and educational education. Arlette has been dancing since she was 2 years old and since 1986 has taught and worked in the fitness industry and dance schools, has attended courses, workshops and developed training programs and for a long time trained new instructors in SATS and then teaches Arlette, among others. She teaches Reformer in the Powerhouse.

Arlette works daily in the consulting company “Arbejdsglæde.nu”, where she spreads job satisfaction in Danish and foreign companies in the form of lectures and workshops, etc.

Rikke´s passion is to motivate people and help them fulfill their dreams. As a team instructor and personal trainer, she coaches everything from strength training, running, yoga, reforms, rex, after-birth and Les Mills teams. Many years of experience make Rikke a professional and confident teacher for each participant.

Rikke is also a trained mindfulness instructor and life coach.