Power&Mind Retreat – Dallund Castle

Do you need to get into gear and restore your mental and physical balance?

Then pull the plug and create energy and overview after an immersive and uplifting weekend in beautiful and historic setting on our Power & Mind Retreat at the beautiful Dallund Castle, in the middle of the beautiful North Funen nature.

We have composed a varied program so that you will both feel your body physically at different exercises, but also gives ample opportunity to breathe and get a rest on body and mind. Our goal is too to give you the opportunity to prioritize you and only you, as well as inspire you to focus on the basics things in your everyday life, including diet, movement, peace, sleep and positivity.

Based on our philosophy to get “A Body in Balance”, we focus on your core, strength, fitness, movement and immersion – and gives you introduction to several different types of training, mindfulness as well as meditation.

It is taught in Bodyflow / Yoga, Soma / Mobility, Pilates, Functional Training and Meditation. In all There will be great focus on strengths, agility, and balance, and everyone can participate, regardless of level. The exercises always support a functional and beautiful attitude. In Soma and Bodyflow it’s about getting the energy of life to flow in the body. We stretch the muscles, joints and connective tissue well through, so the body is relaxed and open so you can immerse yourself in the most beautiful visualizations and meditations.

The food is vegetarian / vegan and anti-inflammatory, so you can stabilize your blood sugar and boost your immune system.


Dallund Castle is beautifully situated down to Dallund Lake and the main building can be traced back to 1540. The castle has belonged to changing noble families throughout the ages and is today owned by a private person who, in respect of the castle’s history and conservation after renovation, opened the castle for guests in 2017.

Limited number of seats: 21 Participants

Price: incl. stay, catering (single room) and tuition DKK 4,999, – (excl. transport)

Accommodation: Dallund Castle, Dallundvej 63, 5471 Søndersø.

Bring: Comfortable clothes for exercise inside and out, as well as swimwear and shoes that can withstand a walk in the woods and slippers or thick stockings for the cozy evenings at the castle. And like a little nice book to to write all your new ideas and thoughts and possible goals in.

To get the best prerequisites for charging your batteries, the retreat is free of electronic aids such as telephone and computer, which are delivered on arrival and returned on departure.

Payment and cancellation terms:

The entire amount is paid on registration with Powerhouse Cph. In case of cancellation no later than 3 months prior to appointment of the retreat, you can get the refund refunded minus a management fee of $ 500. Later cancellation is not refundable.

If you would like more information about the retreat or have questions, please feel free to contact us – jan@powerhousecph.dk or buy the retreat at our webshop at www.powerhousecph.dk

07.15-07.30Hydrate your bodyHydrate your body
07.30-08.30Bodyflow & MeditationSomaMove
10.15-11.15Walking MeditationPowerpilates with swim & sauna
13.00-14.00Walking Meditaion
13.00-15.00Lecture - Balance for body & mind
16.00-17.00ArrivalPowerOutdoor Workout
18.00-20.00Welcome dinnerDinner
20.00-21.00Tea & me timeTea & me time
21.00-22.00Stretch & RelaxSwim & sauna


Tor Andersen

Tor Andersen has over 20 years moved around within the fitness industry’s many branches. Tor has taken numerous courses in group exercise and fitness and has extensive experience in teaching and the development of training programs on many different levels, and the training of instruktrors. Tor is co-owner of PowerHouse Cph where Reformer, TRX, Pilates and SOMA Move is the base. Moreover, Tor is Nordic Master Trainer for Les Mills training concepts – BODY PUMP, BODY STEP, CXWORKS, BODY FLOW.

Tor attaches great importance to safe and functional training and is known for his gentle and pleasant manner and is thus of any participant to feel safe during exercise.

Jan Svensson

Jan is also co-owner of Power House Cph and has over 20 years has been in the fitness industry and also teaches many different types of training. Including most types of dance, Pilates, Barre Fusion, SOMA Move, functional muscle training and endurance training. Jan has over the years been involved in several different fitness chains and dance schools such. SATS Sports Club, Fitnessdk, Swingtime Dance Schools and Stepz Dance Studio. Jan has also created numerous courses for schools, sports teacher, DGI and taught Conventions, bachelor parties, and also to include appeared on various shows, etc.

Jan is known for his presence, energy and his good humor and can usually get everyone to throw away inhibitions and especially control.